How to Transfer Tokens From Avalanche Network To KuCoin Community Chain Using KCC Bridge (KCC)

2 min readJan 8, 2022

A crypto bridge, like a real bridge, allows users to move from one area to another. Of course, we’re discussing the transfer of crypto assets between blockchains in this scenario.


In the crypto world, there is now a problem. Different blockchains are unable to communicate with one another. If you perform a Bitcoin transaction, the Ethereum blockchain will have no way of knowing about it. If we take a step back and look into the future, we can see that this problem will almost certainly be remedied with new technology. Wrapped coins and tokens, on the other hand, are a considerably faster alternative that is currently available.

What is the purpose of the KCC Bridge Project?

The KCC Bridge Project is a cross-chain bridging service with the goal of increasing blockchain interoperability. It enables anybody to convert a variety of cryptocurrencies into wrapped tokens (also known as “pegged tokens”) that may be used on the KuCoin Community Chain (KCC).

KCC Bridge was created to help customers assure the safe and secure transfer of their crypto assets, and after you’ve covered all of the essentials, the method is rather easy.

Start by taking the first step. To begin with, you’ll need a decentralized wallet like MetaMask, Coin98, Tokenpocket, or Dcent wallet. Assume you wish to use the KCC Bridge to transfer Tether (USDT) from the Avalanche Mainnet Network to the KuCoin Community Chain.

Step 2: Select the asset you want to use first (USDT). Then there’s the Avalanche Network, which is where you’ll be sending your asset, as well as the destination (KCC). Make sure the amount you wish to transfer exceeds the minimum, which is a little sum.

Step 3: Once you’ve made your decision, KCC Bridge will provide you the deposit address. The network fee, which is displayed here, will also pique your attention. Following that, the agreed-upon asset amount must be sent to the provided address. You’ll be able to finish it within a certain amount of time. The tokens will be refunded to the originating address if you do not meet the criterion.

Step 4: The duration of the transfer will be determined by the block network mode’s confirmation, which will take some time and patience to finish.

If you’re sending money, it’s a good idea to start little to ensure you understand the process and have entered the proper address. You can then finish the remaining amount.

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