How to Make Money from KuCoin Lending as a Passive Income

5 min readApr 26, 2022

Crypto is the ultimate guide to passive income. Learn how to earn an income without doing any work. This guide is designed to help you get started on your journey to financial independence.

What Exactly Is KuCoin?

KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in September 2017 and has since grown to become one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Several crypto exchange reviews in 2022 have ranked the platform as the top altcoin exchange in the world. It has over 8 million registered users from 207 countries. KuCoin Crypto Lending, a feature of KuCoin Exchange, is the most flexible loaning function available. The exchange supports well over 100 different cryptocurrencies and regularly exceeds $1 billion in 24-hour trading volume.

KuCoin Lending Spotlights

KuCoin lending is a peer-to-peer loan and borrowing platform for leveraged trading. Many people believe that this is the ideal option for holders and investors looking to generate passive income.

Crypto lending is a new investment method in which investors lend borrowers cryptocurrencies in exchange for interest. The lender receives interest from the borrower in exchange for the loan, while borrowers deposit crypto assets as collateral to protect investors’ investment.

In the crypto loan tool, KuCoin offers over 180 digital assets. BTC and USDT are the most liquid loan markets.

You may automate KuCoin lending by activating Auto-Lend or by manually setting the interest rate.

Step-By-Step Instructions For Crypto Lending On Kucoin

Step 1: Creating an account with KuCoin is quick and easy. You can do so on their website. can find various features and a navigation panel. You’ll be taken to the registration form after clicking “Sign up.” Enter your e-mail address and a strong password. You will be sent a verification link once you have completed this step. Check your spam folder if you don’t find it in your inbox. You will receive a confirmation email after clicking the link. Continue by clicking the link, and you’ll be taken to your new KuCoin account.

Step 2: To deposit fiat or cryptocurrency into your main account, go to the dashboard, open the deposits page, and choose the currency you want to use. After that, you simply enter the transfer information and confirm the transaction.

Important: Make sure you choose the correct blockchain network! Tokens sent to invalid addresses may result in a loss of funds.

Step 3: Click “Earn” in the top navigation menu, then “Crypto Lending,” which will take you to the page shown in the screenshot.

Step 4: Choose the cryptocurrency you want to lend. You can lend to different cryptocurrencies. Use the search bar to find the cryptocurrency you want to lend.

Step 5: Decide whether to use manual or automatic lending.

You can choose between manual lending and auto-lending while lending on KuCoin. The following is an explanation of how each of these choices works.

Lending Manual

The current offerings are listed on the right, arranged by annualized returns. In general, when the cryptocurrency market is bullish, the returns are larger because more traders borrow money to go long in the market.

A daily interest rate of 0% to 2% is required. In our case, the optimal rate is 0.128 per cent (APY 46.7 per cent), and we can expect someone to take it quickly if we make a daily offer of 0.128 per cent.

We choose to lend 18 USDC at 1% daily interest. Our offer is unlikely to be accepted because the ideal rate is 0.128 per cent.

The assets are not automatically re-loaned after they have been returned. You must do so manually, and the borrower has the option to return them at any moment throughout the period.


We can specify the loan terms with Auto-Lending in the same way that we do with Manual Lending, but after the assets are returned, the system will automatically lend out the remaining money at the priority interest rate. The system will place the loan order at your pre-set rate if the current priority interest rate is lower than your pre-set minimum day rate.

By choosing the Auto-Lend option, you may make use of this feature. You’ll need to set the reserved amount to 0 if you want to lend all of your assets. The system will automatically lend out the extra cash if the balance in your main account is greater than the stated amount reserved.

Step 6: On the “My Lendings” page, you may check the status of your open lending position by clicking on “Check Details.” You may see the details of all your lending situations. You may also terminate a loan position from this page.

The Pros And Cons Of Auto-Lending Vs. Setting Your Own Interest Rate


Auto-lend saves you time by allowing you to reinvest at any moment.


If you configure it manually, you can more easily track market rates and even lend in lower-interest-rate markets.

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Cryptocurrency lending on KuCoin is a simple way to earn a passive income stream and a better option than simply holding cryptocurrency.

Passive income is money earned while you sleep or do other activities you love. Active income is the inverse of passive income. Passive income is essential for achieving actual financial freedom. We hope this article was useful in teaching you how to make passive income with Kucoin Lending. If you want to understand more about passive income, Go HERE.




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