How To Add Custom Tokens To The Kucoin Community Chain Using Metamask

Using a crypto wallet like Metamask might cause certain problems, especially for those who are new to cryptocurrency. One of the most common concerns KuCoin Community Chain (KCC) users have regarding Metamask is that they know they own a certain token but can’t find it in their wallets.

Metamask was originally created for the Ethereum network. The wallet is Ethereum-ready by default. Other networks, like KCC, must be manually set up within Metamask before a user can view, send, or receive KCC tokens.

  1. Make sure KuCoin Community Chain is already enabled in your Metamask. If you’re not sure, launch Metamask and go to the top of the screen to Wallet. Check to see if the KCC Mainnet is listed among the available networks. If confirmed, move on to the next step. If not, use this KuCoin Community Chain instructions to set up KuCoin Community Chain on your Metamask wallet.
  2. You may now add KCC tokens to your wallet after you’ve configured your Metamask for KCC. In this case, we’ll use the KCC-Peg Tether USDT as an example. To see a list of all the pegged token contracts in KCC, GO HERE.
  3. To see all of your KCC tokens, scan your KCC address: Go to the KCC blockchain explorer to discover more. In the search field, type in your KCC address. To start, press the search button.

4. Open the ‘Token’ dropdown tab. To add a token to Metamask, scroll through the list and click on it: In our example, we’ll use the USDT.

5. Copy the token’s contract address from the explorer page by touching the ‘Copy’ sign.

6. Metamask should now be open. Select KCC Mainnet from the Wallet menu at the top of the screen.

7. In the centre of the screen, click ‘Import Tokens.’

8. Paste the contract address of the token you copied in Step 5 into the ‘Token Address’ field on the Custom Token page. Metamask will autofill ‘Token Symbol’ and ‘Decimal of Precision’ after a few moments.

9. ‘Add Token’ should be selected. Return to the wallet page for Metamask. The token that you just added will now be visible.

Congratulations! are now know of how to use MetaMask to add custom tokens to the Kucoin community chain.


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