How To Add Custom Tokens To The Kucoin Community Chain Using Metamask

  1. Make sure KuCoin Community Chain is already enabled in your Metamask. If you’re not sure, launch Metamask and go to the top of the screen to Wallet. Check to see if the KCC Mainnet is listed among the available networks. If confirmed, move on to the next step. If not, use this KuCoin Community Chain instructions to set up KuCoin Community Chain on your Metamask wallet.
  2. You may now add KCC tokens to your wallet after you’ve configured your Metamask for KCC. In this case, we’ll use the KCC-Peg Tether USDT as an example. To see a list of all the pegged token contracts in KCC, GO HERE.
  3. To see all of your KCC tokens, scan your KCC address: Go to the KCC blockchain explorer to discover more. In the search field, type in your KCC address. To start, press the search button.




I’m a crypto enthusiast and a digital marketing specialist.

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I’m a crypto enthusiast and a digital marketing specialist.

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